April 5

Genius Hour Scary Movie

In are class we are doing Genius Hour and in my group we have Ashton, Nick, and Cabin(Tyler). Are project is on making a scary movie. Are goal is to see how hard it is to do it we think it will be easy. Cabin emailed steven speilberg  but he did not reply. The move might go horriably wrong or decent or something. Cabin is main character. We havnt figured out the rest of the characters but we will eventually. Not really exited for it but wanna see how hard it is to do it the pearson who came up with the idea was Ashton. We still have to come up with ideas not far at all doing website right now thats gonna be decent. Were editing it with movie maker or youtube editor so nothing good but works for a scary movie just hope it dosent go horriably wrong.

March 28

Spring Break

This spring break was bit fun because i lost my phone and still cant fine it so its bad and i really hurt my toe bacusei cut i really bad on accident i like broke it painfull couldnt really walk. also im ready for summer because were working on my grandpas house he died when i was 7 but my brother is getting the house were rebuilding from inside to out so its gonna be supper nice when done im ready for it im exited for it. we didint do anythaing besides go to Poncharos and watch a move for Easter. This summer is gonna be amazing because im gonna have my permit and im gonna be driving a lot and thats gonna be to good i wanna drive so bad my birthday is may,2 so by summer im gonna have permit. Im hopfully gonna have a job as well and make money over the summer wich is gonna be amazing sence you only have to be 14 to work here. A big reason im ready for summer is becuase we get out of school getting out of school is amazing cant wait dont really want to start next year but do at the same time.

December 8

Self Evaluation

I am good on my post i posted 7 blogs they were fun all my post have horriable spelling and grammer you know so ya thats the downside to it. It’s better then doing work its not really fun its alright thoe so ya I rather do this then anythaing else.

November 17

The World Of Nature Plants And Trees


Trees we are the reason why we can breathe how we live. Trees make us breathe by when humans exhaile we breathe out carbon dioxide. Trees are nice and over 23000 types of trees in the world. If you have healthy trees at your hose it makes the value go up. But with bad unhealthy trees It will make the land decrease. Trees are very good for our soil it makes it healthy and more nice. But a lot of wood is going like Each year one pearson uses wood and paper and a lot of it to.over 4500 thaings are made from trees. Trees are really diffrent in shape, size, and color like the redwood tree can sometimes grow up to 360 FT tall! Almost all trees in the world grow plants on them. THe parts of the tree grow in diffrent times not all of it grow at the same time the grow at diffrent times of the year. The folowers and trees get food by Water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. Oak trees and live up to 500 years old. Trees are all diffrent, like red trees brown trees orange trees and diffrent trees. There are huge trees small trees and medium size trees.

Some people don´t know how inmportant they are how they make us live if they arn´t there we would die how they help plants grow and the look they have some are really nice and have a good or really bad smell. the world couldn´t survive without them. Evryone needs to appreciate them and not waste paper or stuff made out of trees because they are getting cut down every day a lot of them were not gonna have a lot of trees if we keep cutting them down how we are they need to stop to make the world a better trees.

November 13

Food Blog

In my faimly we make corn casaroll A special recipe. My dad worked as A electrition for a long time and when you was working one time a old lady gave him the recipe for corn casouroll it is so good. We make it every thanks giving. It’s A easy recipie I think if anyone tryed it they would like it probably. We have made it for other people before and they all liked it. Another really good food that my grandma made on my dads side. Kinda forgot what it was but it has meat and some spices we put this sauce on it thats barbaque sauce and mustard. It’s really good my dad and mom makes it sometimes My grandma mad it a lot for evryone. it’s vergy good and something to try they probably have it around the world. My mom makes these chiken inchaladas they take like 3 hours to make a lot of time put in to it but its one of the best foods I ever had. Are hole faimly loves it my mom sasys she dosen’t like making it because it take forever but it’s worth it.


November 11

Visiting other peoples sights

1. His name is jake He is 13 its about chiken wings he put graphs I thought that was cool. Blog Link


.2 His Name is Andrew he is 13 And very creative his blogs ae just about what he does and his life so its kinda cool Blog Link

3. Her Name Is Isabella she is 13 She likes dogs, hores, and going outside. Blog Link

4. His Name is Dimitri he is from Serbija. He is 14 he like swimming, and bike riding Blog Link

5. His Name his Tyler he is 14 He likes biscuts n gravy. He talks about his life and events Blog Link

6. Her name is Stella she is 14 and is from Germany She loves school And gives tips on how to be succesfull. BlogLink

7. His Name is Kane he lives in the united states. Loves playing video games on his PS4 and Playing football. Blog Link

8. His Name is Salome he is from France. He is 15 loves Sleeping and listing to music. His Food is from Italy. He was in a French school then went to a amarican one in France and learned English. Blog Link 

9. His name is Owen and is from Greece Loves swimming and running. He loves looking at art and photos and telling how good they are and how much he likes it. Blog Link

October 26

Someone that has passes blog

My grandpa died when i was about 6 0r 7 i live in california from the age 3-13 but when I was seven we flew out to Iowa because he died. I dont remember much of him but the little thaings like my middle name is named after him my middle name is Lenord. He also use to call me George he loved giving us like candy and cookies evrytime someone came over he would offer them cookies and candy. My dad lived with my grandpa he didint live with his real dad. He lived with him all of his life. He always loved to garden he had a rubar garden in his back yard. He was outside a lot doing thaings. He would always be smiling he was really nice. He lived over on the outskirts of the flats right now we are rebuilding his house tarring it from the inside becouse it was in bad shape becouse it was emtey for about 6 years thats what he would of wanted us to do

Photo by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhubarb

Photo by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhubarb


October 16

Raise your voice

It’s important to speak up because if you don’t something can go wrong or something  can mess up you might not wanna speak up because your nervous or just scared to. You have to sometimes it might be about homework you might wanna say this is to much homework. Sometimes you just can’t speak up like teachers parents ETC. Some people it is easy to most people it is not easy because they think they will get in trouble or something like that. Some people that can’t speak up are like people that get bullied they wanna speak up but they can’t because they are scared and if they want to do they are probably thinking if I speak up then it might get worse. A lot of people all over the word wanna tell but they are scared or just to shy to tell or just both. But you have to raise your voice and sometimes it will just make it all better for everyone effected by it you can solve so many problems if you speak up.

When you do raise your voice don’t make it like a mean way make it so they understand your problem it might not be yours say if you see someone getting bullied or something like that speak up and tell them to stop or tell a teacher or go in there and stop and just get a teacher or a adult. So many problems in this world can be fixed if you just tell someone so many people wouldn’t be getting bullied or hurt or stuff like that if you just speak up a lot of thaings can get fixed or thaings might get worse and thats what people are worried about making it worse. Speak up your not its your choice but you should.

September 18

About me Jordon

My name is Jordon i like football, soccer, ,basketball even tough im not very good at it, and videogames. I like a little bit of rap music but mostly country for rap i like YelaWolf, Eminem,and a couple more but i can’t name them all. For country i like Jason Aldean, Tim Migraw, Flordia Gerorgia Line and a lot more. For movies i like mostly action or comedy’s ill like to watch WWII documentery’s and movies. My favriote color is green or blue.